Department of Russian for the Faculties of Humanities and Natural Sciences

The Department of Russian for Foreigners-Non-philologists is inter-departmental formation: Practical Russian is taught in 16 departments of St. Petersburg University, including the Faculties of Humanities and Natural Sciences. 

Offered to students in the following categories: five-year and four-year (Bachelor degree courses) students, students seeking a Master's degree, post-graduate and internship students, and students at the beginning level of learning Russian as a foreign language. 

Instructors in the Department teach Practical Russian as a basic and general communication tool, as well as specialized Russian (except for philologists). They also prepare students of all levels for language testing in Russian. The Department works with the students seeking a Master's degree and Ph.D students writing a thesis in Russian. The Department organizes exams in Russian as a foreign language for Ph.D students, as well as a number of special optional courses and seminars (see: Main Programs and Additional Programs). All classes are conducted by highly-qualified teachers who have extensive experience in practical work with foreign students in Russia and abroad (see: Staff).

Head of Department -

Professor Khimik Vassili Vassilyevich, Doctor of Philology

Associate Head -

Associate Professor Shatilov Andrey Sergeevich, PhD (Pedagogics)

R. 238, Universitetskaya nab., 11, Faculty of Philology, St. Petersburg University, St. Peterburg, Russia, 199 034

Теlephone: (812) 324-0775



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